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"Spring Cleaning" Drop: Sustainably Made Knits and Crochets

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

In an effort to make space for new projects that will be launching in the coming spring months, I'm dropping a mini launch of winter products. As winter is on its last leg and we watch the snow turn to rain, soon enough flowers will bloom and daylight will last longer. That glorious weather calls for lighter clothes, hats to protect your face from the warm sun and light knit sweaters for cooler nights under the moon.

In the meantime, as we dream of warm weather to be, winter is still here. So as you weather the lasting cold, keep yourself warm (and sustainable) with one-of-a-kind knits and crochets!

First, let's discuss the material content: These yarns were sourced from a variety of places. All local to the USA, to reduce carbon emissions during travel when shipped. The most locally sourced yarns were found at thrift shops in the South Jersey area. This is important because not all items that are in thrift shops end up in a home. Here's a chart that shows where textiles end up:

So my first effort in sourcing is always at local thrift shops. It supports the small businesses that are providing affordable clothes to the community and gives a chance for a second life to the donated goods.

If I find that I need more materials for my projects, I will then look on Etsy or eBay. This is another way that I can support small business owners, while still shopping locally. I will filter my search by choosing USA-based shops or even define the search more specifically to NJ/PA shops that are closer to my NJ studio.

Lastly, I sourced some of my materials from companies that make recycled yarn from plastic water bottles. This process is very cool and reduces waste!

Using recycled, pre-loved, and ethically sourced materials, I present to you my latest collection of one-of-a-kind knit and crochet goods! I have a few bags, a few hats and ear warmers, and a few trendy balaclavas, or ski masks.

I hope you enjoy them!

Shop on my Esty, or here 🧶

Check out my Instagram while you're at it 😊

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